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The unique filter that filters the running water by placing it directly on the faucet. The source of clean, healthy, live, active, magnetized water in your home.

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The unique filter that filters the running water by simply placing it directly on the faucet in your house or on a plastic or glass bottle. The impeccable quality of water is obtained by an six-factor simultaneous action of several materials and processes. It contains: Activated carbonfrom coconut husk, pure silver, non-woven textile fabrics/filc, activated zeolite for human use, neodymium magnet, aerial air jet, Cal-Mag technology and gold - 24 carat quality. This combination releases water of all harmful ingredients: chlorine, fluorine, nitrate, carbonate, preservatives, pesticides, heavy metals, petroleum products. The ph value is raised, the water becomes basic respectively healthy, lively, active water. Filter was awarded several times with gold medals and has a certificate for human use.


Non-woven textile fabrics/filc - microbiologicalfabric - removes microorganisms and water turbidity

Zeolite - Attracts, binds and neutralises toxic matters and compounds

Activated carbonfrom coconut husk - removes chlorine, heavy metals and organic impurities from water

Neodymiummagnets - consuming magnetic water you become more vital and long-living

Silver grid - antibacterial and antiviral effect

Aerial air jet - air and oxygen molecules are intensely mixed with water molecules giving it the best taste, free from smells

“Cal - Mag” Technology - provides an optimum ratio of calcium and magnesium in water

Gold - 24 carat quality


With the purchased filter, 7 cartridges are obtained. Replacement of the cartridge filter is recommended for every 400-600 liters of water (for a four-member family approximately three months of use).

The Orion aqua filter for water from faucet is an ideal and economical solution for clean and healthy water in your home, cottages, offices...