Terms and conditions of use

  • On the web shop are prominent retail price including tax.  

  • If it comes to buying wholesale customers can send a request by e-mail or phone to bobexbgd@yahoo.com 0113620386.0114000268 and mobile phone 0693339083 Mile. Customers will receive a VIP price if you buy in bulk and payment is in advance, so the customer receives a quote and upon payment received ordered goods.

  • Delivery is made by courier at the customer's request and at his expense customer pays for shipping expenses plus cost of product delivery and with the purchased item and receive a fiscal receipt.  

  • As for the possibility of a complaint, of course it is advertised or defective item can return and get a new except that Bobex doo company bears the costs of return of defective items: to the company and send back to the customer. Express mail costs will be borne by the buyer in the case to refrain from buying that item, if the item shipped.